20 Foot Steel 4 Inch Light Pole

SKU: WSD-20FT4-11G-D-T

This square steel light pole has a 20 foot height and 4 inch width with a wall thickness gauge of 11 and maximum EPA rating of 3.1 at 120 mph. To see the full specifications for this pole refer to its specification sheet: 
All materials used in manufacturing this square steel pole are commercial quality, weldable grade, hot rolled carbon steel tubing and all welds confirm to AWS D1.1 using E70xx electrodes.

This light pole includes galvanized steel anchor bolts for a bolt circle diameter of 8-9 inches, a 2 piece metal base cover, and reinforced handhole with steel cover and stainless steel screws. Materials for the base plate and handhole cover conform to ASTM A36 standards. This light pole is only available in dark bronze.     

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